WHAT is sensitive body coaching…

The Sensitive body is your energy body.  Sensitive body coaching is a type of coaching style of the mind, the body and the voice.   

This powerful and nourishing system of coaching will regulate your nervous system, ground you and bring you into calmness and inner confidence. 

Sensitive body coaching is delivered online in groups and 1:1,  

and supports and further enhances the connective tissue counterstrain journey.  

WHO is sensitive body coaching is really useful for…

those who:  

-have experienced trauma, 
-suffer with anxiety & depression,           
-have stress in areas of their life they need to overcome,   
-want to feel rooted and grounded in themselves,
-don’t like who they are or have become, 
-experience feeling stuck or being stuck, confused or foggy in any situation, 
 -want to develop greater awareness, 
-are under pressure to deliver or be seen as the leader, the boss of or the face of, 
 -want to learn to regulate thoughts, emotions and physical sensations more effectively, 
 -want to improve their well being, 
 -have problems sleeping, 
 -are feeling blocked and want better creative flow   
-have self confidence issues so want to and need to improve their confidence from within,
-are ready to end outdated cycles that are inefficient and zap their energy, 
-experience regular feelings of self doubt and hesitation. 

WHY choose sensitive body coaching…

From within is where you began,  From within is where your strength, power and wisdom lives.  From within you can conquer anything.   

The sensitive body coaching way is unique and customised, we listen and we understand.  Navigating you out of fear/negativity, and into confidence and balance. 

Feeling and being, aware, awake and rooted is powerful.  It is your optimal state!

Book now and optimise your life!