Somatic Coaching

Fascia Clinic

Who are we

We are a Wholistic service to help you navigate your life.

We work with an integration of emerging therapies in the areas of somatics-body/mind and the fascial systems-your entire anatomy systems.

The outcome is to serve the whole of you. Empowering you as you get to know your body and own your life.

What we do

We take a systematic, compassionate and gentle approach to support your health/wellness, wellbeing and happiness.

Coaching can miss out on the vast wisdom and potential that is available to you.

Somatic coaching understands and invites the body/mind access to more of you and your integrated whole.

The fascia clinic supports your journey in gently releasing the issue from the tissue.

The fascia clinic is the only one of its kind in the uk

Why choose In the flow health

Your health is your wealth

Stress is major. It lives in your body and nervous system.

Treating the nervous system is a game changer for stress and pain.

You are a whole being and being coached to attune with and align with your whole gives you more access and resources for navigating life.

A fascia clinic means that mutiple areas can be addressed in a single system. We use multisystem technology which is more effective, entirely natural and yields quicker results.

Our experience and Our approach

In the flow health has emerged from over 20 years experience in healthcare and wellness, globally travelling and training in modalities used by those who perform at their best and over 50000 clients.

Integrating what works and what is continuing to emerge and let go of the outdated and old ways that keep us mediocre seeing the body as separate parts.

Navigating a new world requires a new approach that is more in alignment with the new ways.

Our approach is totally pain free, (even if you arrive with pain), creates space and keeps you in the flow no matter where.


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Rainey has the gift of insight and knowing exactly what your body needs. Whilst other coaches and practitioners simply focus on the place where the pain is coming from. Rainey’s systems expertise gets to the heart of the matter by looking at the whole picture and addressing the issue on multiple levels. Her treatments are a whole new world for the future of healthcare that you must experience to see and feel the benefits that it can bring to your life.

Karen Williams, Global Business Extraordinare

I visited Rainey as I was suffering with headaches, a sore neck and shoulders. The idea of having a massage would make me shudder as it was so painful. My neck was leading towards a dowagers hump. There was also pain in my left hip which my doctor could not diagnose. My knees were painful and feet felt tight. After 6 sessions my posture was totally changed. From the feet up I am straighter, more space and movement in my hips, chest has opened and dowagers hump has totally gone. No more Headaches or hip pain. During the treatment I could feel tension releasing and I could feel how different parts of the body were reconnecting. People ask me if i ahve lost weight? I have not, instead my posture has improved. I highly recommend it for stress, aches and pains anywhere in the body.

Charlotte Malmberg, Business Architect