Welcome to In the Flow Health.

Navigating a New World requires a New approach.

WHO are we:

The London UK, home of Connective tissue Counterstrain and Sensitive body Coaching.

Providing Counterstrain as seen and recommended in the best selling book, Lifeforce, by Tony Robbins.  Providing Counterstrain as demonstrated and discussed with Ben Greenfield, in his podcast, Ben Greenfield life.


WE are:

Dedicated to providing personalised care, that unearths a thriving state of, health, wealth, happiness and inner peace, for life. 

Over 20 years post graduate, of knowledge, practice and experience in health, healthcare & wellness professionally. 

Over 25 years practice and experience in personal development globally, and a former Tony Robbins Platinum Partner.

Over 30 years of daily practice and experience in meditation and meditative singing both on and off stages in and around the UK.


Our mission is to create a safe and healing environment, where every client can, feel heard, valued and empowered as they navigate out of feelings and traumas from the past, and flow into an energised, healthy and thriving state. 

WHY choose In the flow health

Tension, trauma and stress, both physical and emotional, create chronic inflammation in the body tissues.  This damages and weakens all the body systems, leaving us feeling helpless and in a fear state.

This weakening then goes further, robbing us and our bodies of energy, to really heal, thrive and optimize.   

With the issue therefore presenting in the tissue, we release the inflamed, tense and traumatised tissue with counterstrain, from all the body systems.

Counterstrain targets the source of the problem rather than the surface muscle response.”  Tony Robbins-lifeforce pg 259

Counterstrain releases take about 40 seconds and often produce lasting relief.” Tony Robbins-lifeforce pg 259

We can finally, feel relief, energised and empowered as we heal and thrive in our true nature.  We can be radiant in our contented, balanced and optimal state.