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Being in the healthcare industry over 20 years Rainey sees, feels and knows that now more than ever, new models are the new norm that are integrative and see the whole picture.

The old separated approach where we would see you with just low back pain or just knee pain or just heel pain is no longer workable. Discussing and treating that alone will not sustain you neither will it really show what is going on. For you to be at your best, you must see the whole picture.

In the Flow health has been created for you to highlight that the revolutionary technology already exists in your body. Harness that and eliminate symptoms of pain and stress then optimise your performance on the court, the arena, your home, your office and in your life.

Rainey has the gift of insight and knowing exactly what your body needs. Whilst other practitioners focus simply on the place where your pain is coming from. Rainey’s systems expertise gets to the heart of the matter by looking at the whole picture and addressing the issue on multiple levels. Her treatments are a whole new world for the future of healthcare that you must experience to see the benefits that it can bring to your life.

Karen Williams, Global Business Extraordinaire


This wheel of systems shows that you are already multisystem.
In the flow health combines all of this and sees the whole picture getting to the heart of the matter.

I visited Rainey in early 2019 as I was suffering with headaches, a sore neck and shoulders. The idea of having a massage would make me shudder as it was so painful. My neck was leading towards a dowagers hump. There was also pain in my left hip which my doctor could not diagnose. My knees were painful and feet felt tight. After 6 sessions my posture was totally changed. From the feet up I am straighter, more space and movement in my hips, chest has opened and dowagers hump has totally gone. No more headaches or hip pain. During the treatment I could feel tension releasing and I could feel how different parts of the body were connecting. People ask me if I have lost weight, I haven’t, instead ,my posture has improved. I highly recommend it for stress, aches and pains anywhere in the body.

Charlotte Malmberg Business Architect


Rarely does a treatment combine so much – seeing the
whole picture and getting to the heart of the matter

Modern day living and stress go hand in hand.

In a rapidly evolving world, you deserve to enjoy happiness in all areas of your life and with those you love.

We can no longer set aside the other systems.

In the flow health sets about delivering time saving and detailed techniques, covering all systems to ensure your rapid recovery and peak performance.

Being Fully online this is optimising your health and safety and set up for your convenience.

Choose one of our treatment packages that works for you and come on this evolutionary journey for your body and your life.

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