Connective Tissue Counterstrain. (fascia counterstrain).

Connective tissue or fascia as it is also called, has many roles and functions in the body.  Connective tissue connects the entire body by surrounding every organ, vessel, nerve and bone. It is filled with fluid as it nourishes and protects the entire body.  

Connective tissue is complex and interwoven into our whole body, like threads in a fabric.  It cannot be separated and it never functions separately.  It is always involved with everything that happens to our bodies and inside our bodies, such as blinking our eyes, chewing food, exercising, menstrual cycles, crying, digesting food, speaking, singing and so much more.  This vast, interconnected system means  that changes in one area of the body impacts the entire body with far reaching effects.

Tension, trauma-physical and emotional create huge stress in life and creates huge strain and stress in the body.  This impacts the structural integrity of tissues, nerves and organs in the body, which most often leads to impaired function.  This impaired function or dysfunction needs attention. It can present in many ways, physical tension, tiredness, symptoms like pain and inflammation or more obviously, disease. 

All of this has effects far beyond the body, it affects us emotionally, our work, our sleep, our relationships, our performance, outer movements such as exercise and sport, inner movements such as in the digestive system.  Therefore, it is essential to have connective tissue checked in every scenario, whether to treat or even better, to prevent. 

At in the flow health, we provide connective tissue counterstain, assessments and treatments of the whole body.  These sessions to help you feel better and in real time.  Repositioning and relieving the strain and the trauma from the body tissues, eases the soreness and pain almost immediately.  Recovery and time off become are significantly reduced.  

The experience is nourishing and feels like your body gives you a big hug.  it is soothing and calming to your nervous system and provides lasting relief.  The details of counterstrain are written in Lifeforce by Tony Robbins and found at

Book yourself in and feel relieved.