Everything affects your fascia.

Having your fascial systems treated will:

-change your gym workout for the better

-create space in your body

-you may discover that what you thought was tight may actually be dysfunction

-multiple issues can be treated with multisystem


Stress, pain, trauma and ill health are also outcomes of not treating fascia.

Dysfunction in the fascial system creates dysfunction in your whole body.

Seeing the body as systems is not unique. Treating those systems individually as a whole is rare.

I see you in person and assess all of your body systems individually. This gives a clear picture of what your body needs.

I administer gentle, calming and pain free releases at any level of your body from indivdual bones and organs to individual nerves arteries and veins.

You only need to remove coats and shoes and head coverings for assessment and treatment.

Loose comfortable clothing is advised during treatment rather than tight restrictive clothing.

Book yourself in and feel relief from your fascia.